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Get ready to transform your body!
Scientist and fitness experts have done all the research so you’ll have everything you need to accelerate through your 30 day transformation.

This complete and easy to follow system includes proprietary and scientifically proven products that can help you achieve real and lasting body transformation.

Start your transformation!
Step 1) learn about the products.
Step 2) set your body transformation goals.
Step 3) get ready to eat healthy foods and exercise.
Step 4) following the system.

Learn about the products
Countdown cleanse

Tea 4life
Simple and effective cleansing tea that prepares your body for the 30 day transformation. Drink daily during your cleanse. 

Accelerator products 
Pro – TF
University – tested, patented protein supplement to help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Supplement your protein needs with Pro Dash TF in the morning and after exercise on workout days

Transform Burn
Scientifically – proven fat burner to help you ignite your body transformation. Take four capsules daily, preferably one hour before exercise on workout days.

Transform man or woman
Supplement to support healthy hormones for lean muscle, healthy aging, and vibrant living, and to enhance sexual performance and experience. take for capsules daily.

Total body recovery supplement. Take four capsules daily. 

energy go stix Berry
Great Dash tasting energy support and amino acids on the go. Use as a pre-workout energy drink or anytime you need a boost

RiteStart men or women
Multivitamin, mineral, and essential fatty acid supplement designed especially for men and women. Take one packet every morning. Set your body transformation goals

Set your body Transformation Goals
Determine your goal
What’s your transformation goal? Maybe you want to lower your scale weight, reduce your body fat percentage, or add muscle mass. Or, maybe you want to feel stronger, have more confidence, or just feel better overall. It all depends on you! Talk to your doctor to determine your health goals.

Get ready to eat healthy foods and exercise.
Go for the proteins!
There’s a good chance you’re already consuming some protein in your diet every day are you getting enough of the right kind to help you meet your goals? No matter your body transformation goals to lose body fat or gain muscle mass proteins can help you achieve and maintain your ideal body composition. In studies, protein has been shown to support fat burning, keep your fuller between meals, reduce cravings for junk food, protect healthy muscle mass, and more!

Supplement your diet with pro Dash TF to help you transform your body and your life. Here’s how to get plenty of protein in your diet.

1: start your day with a quality high-protein breakfast. Supplement with pro Dash TF. Depending on your protein needs, and for 20 Dash 25 g or more of quality protein at every meal. You should eat between 4–6 times a day including meals and snacks.

2: include protein in every meal and snack. Pear protein with whole grains, run nuts or colorful fruits and vegetables to balance cravings and add important nutrients to your diet. Choose lean proteins Dash chicken breast, leaner cuts of beef, and fish Dash over fatty or protein options.

View all Transform Products
View Accelerator System for Women
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Pro-TF Protein Calculator